Becoming a Seller

Here at Hypocrisy Collective we run a mostly consignment based business model meaning you can join the journey! 

If you have any authentic exclusive sneakers, apparel or trading cards you can have the opportunity to sell with us. We sell only dead stock (brand new) goods so please keep that in mind when applying.

The fee's we charge are on a loyalty basis so you don't have to bring thousands of dollars of goods to get lower commission rates.  The fee's applicable are stated below: 

First eight months of consigning is at a 16% commission rate commission + $20 monthly.

Eight months to twelve months of consigning is at a 14% commission rate + $15 monthly.

Twelve months onwards of consigning is at a 12.5% commission rate + $10 monthly.

As previously mentioned, no minimum quantity is required to begin consigning and smaller resellers are encouraged to apply. We are also highly competitive with our percentages and aim to keep it this way so you, as the consignee, get the most value! 

If you are wanting to understand the process a little better please read the Google Document linked here.

To apply to become an offical consignee of Hypocrisy Collective, please fill out the Google Form with all relevant information linked here.

If you have any questions or queries please email the team here :)

Thanks for your time,

Hypocrisy team.

*Commission rates may be subject to change in the future for growth and economies of scale purposes. If the commission rate increases, your current rate will not be subject to change*